The motto at Shine Cab is to make car wash services economic and time saving. You can rely on us for quick and comprehensive car wash services.

Make a Call

Make a call to book your car wash. Our experts will reach your location with our mobile car washing vehicle.

Choose Your Package

Our economical package start from Rs. 400/- for steam car wash and detailing services @your doorstep.

Door Step Facility

Get complete detailing / upholstery services at your door step on affordable prices.

Trained Professional

We believe that only a skilled hand can provide quality service. The work culture follows a set process of a detailed check, analysis and the right solution for all your car needs.


Inter Cleaning

Refresh your car by car dry cleaning and polishing of all interior carpets, roof, doors and dashboard.

Buffing & Polish

It may can removes small scratches, stone marks, marks of acid rain, bugs shit, bird marks etc.

Denting & Painting

Get your car denting painting with genuine high quality car paint.


  • Inter Cleaning
  • Buffing & Polish
  • Foam Wash
  • Denting & Painting
  • Car Washing with Team

Single Session

At your home or office

249 for Small Cars
299 for Medium Cars
249 for Large/Premium Cars
  • Vacuuming + Foam Wash + Pressure water Washing + Dashboard, Tyre, Mudflap Polish.

Once in a Week

At your home or office (Pre-payment for 4 weeks)

210 (Per Week) for Small Cars
250 (Per Week) for Medium Cars
350 (Per Week) for Large/Premium Cars
  • Vacuuming + Foam Wash + Pressure water Washing + Dashboard, Tyre, Mudflap Polish.

Monthly Package

At your home or office (30 Days)

1100 for Small Cars
1400 for Medium Cars
1700 for Large/Premium Cars
  • 30-Pressure water washing + Perfuming 5-Vacuuming, 2-Foam Wash + 2-Dashboard, Tyre, Mudflap Polish.

Interior Cleaning

At your home or office

899 for Small Cars
1199 for Medium Cars
1499 for Large/Premium Cars
  • Roof, Doors, Carpet, Seats, A.C. Vents, Dashboard

Scratch Removing

At our concern shops

1599 for Small Cars
1899 for Medium Cars
2499 for Large/Premium Cars
  • Pick up Drop Facility Avaliable

Wheel Alignment Balancing/ Denting Painting

At our concern shops

As per condition
  • Pick up Drop Facility Avaliable

Mobile App



Online Booking

20 points cleaning check list

Prevent the wastage of water

Quick and secure payment by e-pay



We are committed to save your valuable time

Car detailing as per your convenient day,time and location

Committed to serve you a clean and shiny drive



Car servicing through trained and professional hands

Use of branded products to clean and shine your car

You just relax or continue your work, we do cleaning washing of your car

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